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High School Hoops League


LAKERS (Drew Guidice)
Maverick Lee - Cheatham County HS
Tucker Carter - Cheatham County HS
Nick Brunetti - MBA
Ford DeShazo - Grace Christian
Rodger Grant - Ensworth
JD Fisch - Father Ryan
Graham Peeler - Dickson Co. HS
Luke Johnson - Page HS
Charlie Holmes - FRA

WARRIORS (Holden Mobley)

Griffin Cooper - Columbia Academy
Osby Cavin - JP2
Sam Mewborn - Franklin HS
Arnett Hayes - The Webb School
Alex Pollard - Summit HS
JM Camp - CPA
Pablo Hernandez - Page HS
Gabe Richard - Page HS
Brad Napier - Page HS

Hawks (John Bybee)

Andrew Smith - MBA
BJ Wesley - FRA
Kade Lenfestey - Summit HS
Jace Gregory - Lipscomb Academy
DJ Ham - Dickson Co. HS
Preston Terry - Brentwood HS
Mack Scurlock - Greenbrier HS
Trajan Isaac - Spring Hill HS
Ryan McAllister - JP2
Casey Lynch - Independence HS

ROCKETS (Jacob Adcock)
Landon Sullivan - Ensworth
Chase Runyon - Portland HS
Ashton Kirby - Station Camp HS
Seth Moulton - Goodpasture
Gil Jones - Franklin HS
Avery Pauley - Centennial HS
Jonah Soto - Centennial HS
Christopher Hunter - Centennial HS
Noah Dooley - Franklin Christian

BUCKS (Jason McGehee)
Jett Montgomery - Independence HS
Cooper Abner - Westmoreland HS
Jacob Flannagan - Community HS
Daniel-Anthony Kenmogne - Brentwood HS
Warren Pistole - CPA
Andrew Murphy - Independence HS
Henry Spaanstra - Independence HS
Hunter Hicks - Sycamore HS
Charlie Lynch - Father Ryan

BULLS (Braxton Bonds)
Issac Power - Page HS
Jack Oakley - Cookeville HS
Josh Spining - Page HS
Carter Neat - Cornersville HS
Jacob Purifoy - Brentwood HS
Tanyan Fantine - Franklin HS
Cam Bosen - Ravenwood HS
Brody Miller - Nolensville HS
Clark Early - Nolensville HS

HEAT (Sam Martin)

Nick Degnan - Brentwood HS
Rhett Broussard - Lipscomb Academy
Julian Leftwich - Ravenwood HS
Sam Jackson - USN
Gabriel Min - BGA
Myers Tschantz - Franklin HS
Dylan Beard - Dickson Co. HS
Carson Ladd - Nolensville HS
Jaden Clark - Nolensville HS

CELTICS (Trey Stevenson)

Darian Cotton - Rockvale HS
Daryl Cotton - Rockvale HS
Gunnar Lewis - CPA
Maddux Routh - CPA
Jack Fry - CPA
Nick Abdullah - Independence HS
Payton Gordon - Independence HS
Brennen Wilkinson - Home School
Blake Lance - FRA

GRIZZLIES (Bryce Gerlach)

TJ Kolbe - Hendersonville HS
Caleb Cothron - Beech HS
Jacob Neal - Fairview HS
Jonathan Sawyer - Fairview HS
Jacob Duryea - Independence HS
Dawsyn Miller - Independence HS
Jaxson Koch - Independence HS
Lucas Pring - Nolensville HS
Jayson Harris - Nolensville HS

KNICKS (Sam Moran)
Nehemiah Holmes - FRA
Evan Gainer - Ravenwood HS
Davis Long - Franklin HS
Rocco Lamuno - Ravenwood HS
Ty Gibbs - Grace Christian
Ben Arthur - Franklin Christian
Justin Dabit - Davidson Academy
Ethan Sons - Davidson Academy

NETS (Wayne Smith)

Marshall Ashley - Oakland HS
Malcolm Ashley - Oakland HS
Brody Burchard - Oakland HS
Grant Haussin - MTCS
Caleb Mills - MTCS
Jake Maddox - Central Magnet
Alijah Dean - Central Magnet
Mason Brown - Central Magnet
Noah Clift - CPA

SUNS (Zach Engle)

Gavin Burnett - White House Heritage
Hayden Thompson - White House Heritage
Kellen Quinn - Nolensville HS
Reese Hunsinger - Ravenwood HS
Caleb Peyser - Ravenwood HS
Blaise Bonga - Ravenwood HS
Cole Matthews - BGA
Grayson Collins - BGA
Philip Hyams - Brentwood HS
Zander Johnson - Franklin HS

Mercury - White

Bridget Allee - Summit
Haley Collins - Page
Leah Beth Cook - Summit
Amy Ernst - Father Ryan
Gabby Grove- Father Ryan
Quinn Johnston - Summit
Savannah Meek - Page
Grace Potter - Ravenwood
Emmalyn Reyes - Ravenwood
Amelia Thibeault - Father Ryan

Wings - Brown

Chloe Brown - Hendersonville
Ava Cathey - Harpeth
Ava Francescon - Father Ryan
Marley Hyde - White House
Mattie Johnson - Harpeth
Macy Phelps - East Robertson
Kyra Shearon - Sycamore
Alley Thurman - Harpeth
Carly Wilder - Father Ryan
Alyssa Williams - Father Ryan

Sky - Kaye

Emma Archer - Brentwood
Cecilie Brandimore - Franklin
Amy Elliott - Franklin
Emily Hunter - Nolensville
Emma Ignatin - Nolensville
McKenzie Kaye - GCA
Natalie Kaye - GCA
Kylee Mendoza - Nolensville
Alexis Rubin - Home School
Madison Ulig - Independence

Sun - Kaye

Leah Cohen - Lipscomb Acad.
Lily Espelet - Page
Mak Haile - Webb-Bell Buckle
Hillary Harris - East Hickman
Amirah Herring - Blackman
Maddyn Merritt - Lipscomb Acad.
Merli Routh - CPA
Bella Shepherd - Lipscomb Acad.
Anna Clay Shirley - MTCS

Aces - Kendrick

Maggie Buckley - Brentwood
Claire Emery - Mt. Juliet
Delaney Fegan - Father Ryan
Bella Foss - Brentwood
Isabella Gavigan - Father Ryan
Phoebe Kofink - Summit
Abby Larkin - Father Ryan
Kayla Lee - FCA
Nicole Rizane - Summit
Jane Claire Gill - Lipscomb Academy

Dream - Kendrick

Olivia Castagna - Brentwood
Ruby Cox - East Hickman
Kate Fielding - Father Ryan
Lily Fielding - Father Ryan
Lilly Ham - Dickson County
Caroline Kieffaber - Father Ryan
Paige Morris - Brentwood
Addison Smith - Harpeth Hall
Isabelle Melind - Franklin HS

Liberty - Lester

Brianna Burgess - Creek Wood
Brooklin Burrow - Page
Braley Bushman - Page
Mazie Bushman - Page
Autumn Chew - Home School
Ava Krohl - Summit
Addie-Gene Puckett - Hickman Co.
Audrey Rimer - Summit
Audrey Speckert - Ravenwood
Julia Speedy - CPA

Mystics - Lester

Camille Franklin - Cornersville
Adyson Gentry - Cornersville
Ellie Harris - GCA
Montana Lee - Cheatham Co.
Samantha Lee - Page
Elle Mayo - Cheatham Co.
Avery Payne - Page
Mary Claire Pike - Page
Alicia Polk - Cornersville
Campbell Spencer - GCA

Sparks - McGehee

Lindsey Aleridge - Hendersonville
Georgia Forbes - Father Ryan
Bailey Ford - Beech
Margaret Jordan - Father Ryan
Hailey Marlow - Page
Hannah Martin - Hendersonville
Sophie Paulus - Father Ryan
Kabria Revels - Beech
Kyrah Shaw - Beech
Meredith Warner - Page

Storm - Allee

Amelia Acheson - Lipscomb Acad.
Liza Bertani - Harpeth Hall
Ava Brooks - GCA
Hope Brooks - GCA
Alydia Lyte - Independence
Katy McDonald - Independence
Tillie McQuigg - Lipscomb Acad.
Genny Rogers - Lipscomb Acad.
Savanna Seay - Independence
Emery Smith - Harpeth Hall

SPARTANS (Drew Guidice)
Deacon Thompson - White House Heritage
Roland Grant - Ensworth
Turner Gilreath - Summit HS
Tyler Roberts - Franklin HS
Will Woodard - MBA
Jaxson Whitman - Centennial HS
Josh Hollis - Nashville Christian
JP Page - Centennial HS
Cohen Stammen - Independence HS

TAR HEELS (Trey Chappelle)
Riley Clifton - Liberty Creek HS
Ethan Padlick - Independence HS
Jake Humphrey - Brentwood HS
Conrad Jones - BGA
Connor McReynolds - Independence HS
Griffin Pass - Dickson Co. HS
Calvin Hollis - Franklin HS
Rowan Cameron - Franklin HS
Jack Nihill - CPA
Dylan Qualls - Summit HS

WILDCATS (Trey Stevenson)
Ayden Glenn – Zion Christian Academy
Mitchell Collins - BGA
Ford Zook - Father Ryan
Michael Larkin - Father Ryan
Ben Groves - Father Ryan
Boston Beach - MBA
Jesse Davis - Station Camp HS
Jordan Humphreys - Independence HS
Matt Nava - Ravenwood HS

BRUINS (Andrew Johnson)
Luke Peyser - Ravenwood HS
Keyshawn White - Rossview HS
Cole Riedel - Rossview HS
Grayson Garner - Currey Ingram
James Farmer - Home School
William Benson - Brentwood HS
Drew Rempel - Lipscomb Academy
London Garner - Page HS
Beck Wampler - BGA

VOLS (Braxton Bonds)
Jake Harney - BGA
Hudson McKnight - Brentwood HS
Bo Verner - MBA
Wyatt Cain - FRA
Jackson McCutcheon - Brentwood HS
Jaden Darud - Page HS
Ethan Taylor - BGA
John Randall Scruggs - MBA
Jansen Pickard - Centennial HS

RACERS (Sam Martin)
Porter Weeks - Lipscomb Academy
Israel Rosales - Franklin HS
Teighan Lee - Franklin HS
Juantez Zirker - Franklin HS
Kobe Marsh - Stewarts Creek HS
Ryland McKelvy - Centennial HS
Jacob Hinley - BGA
Jack DuPerrieu - BGA
Robert Cochran - Brentwood HS
Drew Parker - Ravenwood HS

ZAGS (Sam Moran)
Hunter Moss - Page HS
Anthony Wellman - Gallatin HS
William McCarter - Ravenwood HS
Brock Wissmar - Ravenwood HS
Carson Barany - Independence HS
Isaac Taylor - Independence HS
Harris Hall - Independence HS
Alex Sagraves - Franklin HS
Ben Rechner - Brentwood HS

JAYHAWKS (Zach Engle)
Michael Fisch - Father Ryan
Braden Roberts - Ravenwood HS
Jackson Puri - Summit HS
Marshall Freund - Franklin HS
Luke Purifoy - Brentwood HS
Erik Speckert - Ravenwood HS
Jack Lowe - Franklin HS
Jordan Gray - Independence HS

STARS Basketball Club will again host the annual High School Hoops League (Boys’ & Girls’ Divisions) for high school players in early fall. This is a terrific opportunity for area high school players to compete on the court before their upcoming school seasons!


Players will sign up individually and then be placed onto a team (NOTE: TSSAA Rule – No more than three students, from the same school, can be placed on the same team). A STARS Coach will be assigned to each team. Teams will NOT practice; however, each team may have a 15 to 20 minute walk-through just prior to tipping game #1 on Sunday, Sept. 11th.


Just like our 2021 league season, we will offer a Girls’ Division and JV/Varsity Divisions for Boys. Juniors and seniors are REQUIRED to choose Varsity division when registering; freshman and sophomores are encouraged to play JV, unless they expect to play varsity minutes during the 2022-2023 season.

Questions: Contact:

· BOYS Division: Aaron Morrison (Director of BOYS’ Teams/2025 UA Rise Coach) 615-504-6016 OR email –

· GIRLS Division: Tony McLeod (Director of GIRLS’ Teams/14U and 17U Premier Coach) 214-542-8733 or email: