STARS Basketball Club

SOUTH 2023-24 Winter Teams

SOUTH HUB - Tryout Information

SOUTH HUB Tryouts for winter teams ARE NOW OPEN (3rd – 6th grade boys and girls). 

Our 2024 CLUB TEAM Tryouts will begin in February (for younger grades) and continue through early March for high school athletes. Please watch for tryout registration info in January 2024.


SOUTH Hub: Tryout Fee – $40

STARS Basketball intends to form multiple winter teams (see list below) to compete in area leagues (9-10 players/team). Blue is top team. White is second team. Yellow is third team. The ability to form multiple teams within a grade will be based on both coach supply and # of attendees/talent level of attendees.

Practices will begin the week of November 5 for all teams.

Tryout Fee/Date /Location

$40 if registered by Friday, September 15; $49 if registering 9/16 or after.

Tryout dates: September 22nd and 29th

Athletes are STRONGLY encouraged to attend BOTH sessions.

*For tryout session information see grade level and gender details below.

Tryout Location: TOA Sports Performance Center, Franklin, TN



  • 3rd Grade – FRA Performance League
    • Blue Team (Coach Trey Stevenson)
    • White Team (Coach Michael & Melissa Cecero)
  • 4th Grade – FRA Performance League
    • Blue Team (Coach Andrew Johnson)
    • White Team (Coach Andrew Johnson)
  • 5th Grade – Darius Garland League
    • Gold Team (Coach John Gomillion)
    • Blue Team (Coach Christian Thompson)
    • White Team (Coach Isaiah Adams)
    • Yellow Team (Coach Isaiah Adams)
  • 6th Grade – Darius Garland League
    • Blue Team (Coach Terrance Vanlier)
    • White Team (Coach Sam Moran) *Will play in FRA League or WNSL League


  • 3rd Grade – FRA Performance League
    • Blue Team (Coach  & Michael Cecero)
  • 5th Grade – Darius Garland League
    • Blue Team (Coach Cliff Coleman)
    • White Team (Coach Cliff Coleman)
  • 6th Grade – Darius Garland League
    • Blue Team (Coach Cliff Coleman)

Practice Information for ALL Teams:

  • All teams will begin practicing the week of November 5th
  • All teams will practice twice per week, with the exception of 6th grade teams. These teams will practice 1x / week, on Sundays or Friday evenings, due to middle school basketball demands on weekdays.
    • 5th grade and  younger teams: approximately 26 practices during the season
    • 6th grade teams: approximately 13 practices during the season
  • Teams participating in the FRA Performance League will practice through Thursday, Feb. 15th (last games on Saturday, Feb. 17th)
  • Teams participating in the Darius Garland League will practice through Thursday, Feb. 22nd (last games on Saturday, Feb. 24th)
  • Practice schedules will be posted for each team at tryout session #2 on September 29th
  • Teams will NOT practice the following weeks:
    • 11/19*
    • 12/24*

*We will schedule a make-up practice for those teams that would have practiced on 12/31 and 1/1

ALL Winter Team Players will receive:

  • Shooting shirt and Under Armour hooded sweatshirt to keep
  • Coupon code for 25% off a Thanksgiving or Christmas break clinic (one-time use)